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I am your go-to real estate professional with unrivaled experience providing invaluable competitive advantages to my clients.

My name is Scott Merchant. I am a real estate entrepreneur and top listing broker in Massachusetts. I’ve dedicated my career to helping sellers achieve their goals.

Hire a real estate expert who specializes in selling

Selling a home can be a challenging task. With current high market volatility through limited inventory and rate uncertainty, the need for an experienced REALTOR® is greater than ever. Hiring a top listing broker makes the sales process easy.

Want to avoid headaches, sell your home on your terms, and get the most amount of money?

I take a very different approach to selling real estate than traditional agents. I focus on your goals and making the transaction as smooth and predictable as possible.  My duty is to sync price, terms, contingencies, and timelines with your unique needs.

Repeating the same old marketing tactics are not effective in achieving maximum results.

I thoroughly understand valuation. In ANY condition too.

My unique-to-you sales strategy and marketing formula took many years of trial and error to master. This formula has been refined over hundreds of sold transactions and is designed to take advantage of key market insights specific to the property.

I don’t just stick a house on mls, I sell it!

Results matter!  I don’t just list a house for sale on mls, stick a Merchant Property Group for sale sign in the yard, and wing it. Everything is calculated to attract the right buyer(s) and ultimately sold on your terms.

I look forward to meeting you for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation.

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