What is a top listing broker?

A top listing broker is a licensed real estate professional that focuses exclusively on selling properties and has a proven track record of obtaining maximum results for sellers.

Top listing broker Scott Merchant…

Top listing broker Scott Merchant is a licensed real estate broker, REALTOR®, and investor. Scott was first licensed to sell real estate in early 2009 and has sold hundreds of properties since then. The early days were a buyers market where sales were only accomplished through extremely hard work, tons of effort, and many sleepless nights working tirelessly for sellers in a market saturated with cheap properties. Times have changed to a sellers market these days. However, having an expert listing broker sell your home will always get you maximum results with the least amount of headaches and surprises.

In addition to being a real estate broker Scott is a licensed builder. He also owns a Boston based HomeVestors franchise, known as the We Buy Ugly Houses people. He has bought, renovated, and resold well over 60 properties across eastern Massachusetts from Cape Cod to the North Shore and everywhere in between. Being well versed in condos, single family homes, multi family properties, and even mobile homes Scott has the first-hand experience to accomplish your real estate goals. There are not many real estate professionals that are able to put their money where their mouth is. Unparalleled expertise comes with high demand.

There are only so many clients Scott can take on at once. My goal isn’t to have as many listings as possible. It is to help as many as possible. In order to help people accomplish their real estate goals I need to be able to dedicate my time, effort, and resources to them. Because of that, there are only so many clients I will accept at once. Throughout my real estate career I have built up a quality network of agents, brokers, attorneys, insurance agents, etc. I will always point someone in the right direction if I feel Im not the right fit or if I don’t have the current capacity to assist.

Scott’s unparalleled expertise comes from his vast hands-on track record of putting his money where his mouth is. No matter the price range, condition, or type of property you want a top listing broker with the right expertise working for you.

Proudly serving:

Metro Boston, North Shore, and South Shore

Scott earned his reputation through hundreds of transactions as the expert real estate broker you want in your corner. You’ll receive transparency, reliability, and results.


Ready to sell?

Scott’s expertise buying and selling real estate, coupled with out-of-the-box creative approaches, are huge competitive advantage’s for clients.

Scott began selling real estate full-time in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He was initially mentored by a prestigious and well respected lifetime broker. Immediately Scott developed a knack for valuing home repairs, spotting buyer trends, and accurately pricing properties in a highly volatile market. Realizing how each customers situation varies as much as their homes do, Scott began to establish himself as the go-to broker for sellers that wanted results.

“One size fits all solutions do not work. There are real people behind the homes I sell. Those people have unique needs and hire me to identify and meet those needs. I excel in creating custom tailored strategies to achieve my clients’ real estate goals. I pride myself in being proactive. My duty is to solve problems as much as it is to anticipate them.” – Scott Merchant

Scott gradually expanded his client base into commercial real estate gaining developer, builder, and investor clients. In 2014 Scott opened a Boston based Homevestors©’s franchise, also known as We Buy Ugly Houses®. Top listing broker Scott Merchant is well versed in all aspects of real estate and will be able to assist with any real estate sales needs.

Scott J. Merchant

  • BA/MBA University of Massachusetts
  • Licensed Real Estate Broker
  • Licensed Construction Supervisor
  • Merchant Property Group founder
  • HomeVestors® franchisee